“Robert Jones, you are placed with the charge of deceitfully misleading and abducting the child prince of Chandan Garh, adopting him using forged documents without the permission of his parents, and changing his religion. Under questioning you have admitted to these charges as well, and for this reason, I, Raghavendra Singh Jadoun, of the Jadoun line, with the authority of the king of Chandan Garh, declare you the perpetrator of treason, and for this crime, for the sake of swiftness of punishment, I sentence you to death. After saying this much I plunged the dagger into his chest. He fell cold after thrashing for some time.”
“Sir, if the kings of India held a temperament like yours, then Alhamdulillah, perhaps we would never have become slaves in the first place.”
When the son of a British professor discovers that his father is actually of Indian descent, he is drawn to India and meets his other relatives, which leads him on a trail of even more startling revelations about the nature of his family. He is opened to the experience of being treated as a foreigner and an outsider and tries to come to grips with this new facet of his identity. Are Indians not guilty at all for all the mess that has happened in India till now? Are all the shortcomings on the head of the British?
A nuanced story providing an analytical vehicle of Indian history rather than serving as a vessel for blame toward the British for all the inadequacies India continues to experience.
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