“How long will you take to finish this project?”

The business tycoon Robert Williamson asked the project engineer sat opposite him, David Smith. On hearing this, a victorious smile appeared on David’s face for a moment, before disappearing. He understood that his boss liked his project.

Immediately he replied, “Exactly within one year of the day the finances have been sorted.”

“Ok, I will transfer the entire cost of your project, that is, $ 100 million into the project’s current account today, or rather, right now.” On saying this the boss picked up his phone and began to transfer the money.

“Very well, thank you sir.”

“It’s okay. Keep up the good work.”

“Sir if you don’t mind i would like to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“You do such huge bank transactions simply through your mobile phone. In the interest of security and safety, is this not a dangerous practice?” he stuttered.

Robert Williamson looked at him, smiling as if amused at a child’s innocent question. He then turned the phone towards him and said “I have logged in. Can you try to transfer the money with your hand, so that you can finally be expelled from your doubt?”

David glanced at the screen and saw that he was indeed logged in, and the figure showing on the account was beyond his comprehension. He could not bring himself to take the phone in his own hand. Taken aback, he uttered, “Sir, I…”

Seeing his apprehension, the boss said coolly “Hey, I’m telling you. There’s nothing to be worried about. Go ahead.” On saying this he forced David to take the phone. Suddenly the screen began to show an error message: We are sorry. We have noticed something unusual. Please enter a password within ten seconds for verification or your account will be disabled.

Underneath the message, a countdown appeared and started. David panicked . . .